Tudor style home remodel in San Carlos, CA

Modernizing a dated tudor, bringing it into the 21st century.

A full-scale remodel, we added a small extension to the kitchen, revised the floor plan, and raised ceiling heights. This remodel project utilized our full-service remodel planning and design, permitting process, bespoke kitchen planning and design, custom cabinets, interior design, lighting design, and finish selection service. We managed the design during the construction of this project to ensure the end result was how it was designed.




San Carlos, CA

1250 SF

Entry, Living Room, Dining Room, Den, Laundry Room, Kitchen with added pantry

Modern Tudor Kitchen Two Tone Green With White Oak Cabinets

This idyllic Tudor in San Carlos, CA is a page out of the storybooks of our youth, down to the manicured landscape. However, the existing interior had odd angles and extremely low ceilings in areas similar to a hobbit home. 

Raising the ceiling height during construction was like putting puzzle pieces together because the existing roof line and angles did not line up. It was the ‘Winchester Mystery House’ of roofs and angles that led to nowhere. The kitchen had a thick brick column in the middle of the room where the homeowner’s two active children liked to hide. We squared off the envelope of the home, removed all the oddities, modernized multiple rooms, and created a bonus walk-in pantry, bringing an otherwise dated storybook Tudor home to the 21st Century.

The sweetest, young family we’ve ever met by far. Not only did they buy their forever home in San Carlos, but they bought the most idyllic home in San Carlos on the corner of the most idyllic street surrounded by amazing neighbors and a great school district. They knew the home needed help to get it to the state they could be proud of. Many rooms of the home were inconsistent in architectural style. The homeowners knew they needed to make some structural and aesthetic changes to the main level of the house to achieve better flow and efficiency. 


Some ‘before photos from our site survey.

Ml81757616 8 4

The kitchen with odd angles and ceiling lines made for awkward use of space. The brick column is a good 24″ inches wide and was placed right in the middle of the room.

Existing Dining Room

The dining room with the large sliding patio door had great potential. The glass panes were thin and moved with the push of a finger. Not safe, especially with two young children.

Existing Laundry Room

This room off to the side of the kitchen was meant as a wet bar. The ceiling was less than 7 FT high, and with the flush mount light fixture, it meant the wall cabinets couldn’t open fully without hitting the fixture.

Existing Living Room Fireplace

We loved the cathedral ceiling and wanted to take advantage of it. But the rock facade had to do. The sliding glass door when opened, was less than 2 FT clearance which made it tough for anyone to walk through it. The room needed more light.

process overview

As with all our projects, project programming is the first step in our design process. We spend a lot of time understanding our Client’s design styles, preferences, lifestyle needs, day-to-day functional needs, and what they like and don’t like. Design is personal, and we understand how our clients use and move about their space. We then survey the site and take measurements of the ‘as-built’ environment to understand what we’re working with structurally. We then conceptualize a few layout options that would work for their needs. Function first. Once the layout is approved, we move on to the fun stuff – finish interior design. This is the part of the project our Clients look forward to. 

Planning and design

Moderntudor Existing

As-built drawings helped with the evaluation of possible changes within the interior structure of the home. Should we add to the exterior of the home or shift some interior walls around?

Moderntudor Range Wall View

Above: The proposed kitchen sink and range wall view with custom cabinets.

Right: 3D view of the proposed space to help the homeowners understand what their space will look like when done.

Moderntudor Proposed

After a few layout proposals, we realized widening some walkways within sightlines and squaring off the exterior of the home was sufficient to achieve the space needed to enlarge the kitchen and provide for a walk-in pantry.

Jorgensen Kitchen Sink Close Up View


Design management and construction support is an important phase of our design process. When we start the construction or build phase, of the project, we are on-site regularly to make sure the design is executed as designed. With this particular project, the roof lines, ceiling height, and odd angles of the room created a challenge during framing. Oftentimes, during construction, there are many surprises when the walls and ceiling are opened up. There are unexpected issues that require solutions which means design changes. One design change affects another. It is a snowball effect. We are there to problem-solve and have the overall design vision and direction that the construction team do not.

Moderntudor Framing
Moderntudor Tile Setting

Our designs are bespoke. With custom designs comes design management which means being onsite to work with the various trades to achieve the design. We intentionally selected two different types of handmade crackle tiles. The homeowners did not want polished or glossy finishes, so we selected finishes that were matte. Crackle tiles, by nature of the drying process, create organic patterns where no two tiles are the same. A matte finish does not have enough dimension and complexity. However, selecting two different types of tile with varying crackle effects, sizes, and thicknesses helped provide the much-needed variation. We were onsite to work with the tile setter to create a custom organic pattern to add dimensional interest to the backsplash.


Modern Tudor Kitchen Lime Plaster Hood Dark Cabinets Lacornue
Modern Tudor Dark Moody Dining Room Wallpaper Wood Paneling
Modern Tudor Laundry Room Green Cabinets
Modern Tudor Living Room Lime Plaster Fireplace Surround

We are driven by results. Our projects typically last over a year. During the planning of the remodel, we spent a significant amount of time understanding our clients’ lifestyles and were able to design for that. By doing so, we helped create an end goal for our clients while eliminating the surprises and stress that come with a remodel. We properly prepared them for what was to come.

The homeowners wanted a home they could be proud of and one ready for entertaining. The end results far exceeded their expectations. We live for the transformations.

View more photos of this project from this link

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