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Bynn Esmond Designs proudly offers complete design • build • furnish services to make the process of creating your dream home stress-free and exciting. We specialize in kitchen, bath and lighting design in conjunction with furnishings to complete your space. 

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STEP 1: PLANNING & CONCEPTUAL DESIGN – Design begins with a conversation. We’ll ask questions about what you like, how you live, and what you envision for your future space. Once we discover your design preferences, we will collaborate on a space-planned layout to help you envision how the space can flow.


STEP 2: DESIGN – Once we’ve established the layout, we will infuse the design with your personal style by selecting a color scheme, look and feel and begin selecting textiles and other finished goods. At this stage, we will continuously ask for your feedback to ensure the design reflects “your” preferences.


STEP 3: EXECUTION – Construction documents are the how-to-build directions that fill in all the floorplans including plumbing and electricity. We send these documents to your local authority for building permits. We also forward the plans to general contractors to bid on and help you select the right contractor for your remodeling project.


STEP 4: BUILD – During construction, we’ll be on site regularly, making sure the project is executed as designed. At this time we’ll order any custom furniture and procure selected finishes, furnishings, window treatments, and wall treatments. We’ll warehouse any new purchases during the construction process as needed.


STEP 5: FURNISH – Now, it’s time for the finishing touches! We complete the installation of furniture, window treatments, and accessories. Then, we conduct the final walk-through and final review.

Design•build•furnish delivers a home that reflects you.

Continuity Of Vision


As your designer, we will also be involved through every stage from design, through construction documents, and building. Our priority is to make sure the vision we created together comes to life.

Seamless Communication


As your primary contact, we’ll check in with you frequently and ask for your continuous input through the entire project to ensure your satisfaction with the final project.

Cost Savings


With fewer firms involved, there is less back and forth in design and communication which streamlines the process and saves you money.

Precise Contractor Bidding


When we prepare construction documents with finishes and detailed specifications it is easier to compare contractor bids.

If you already have your furnishings, we are happy to contract for the design • build portions of a project.

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Interior Design

If you already have architectural plans, we can create a vision for the construction interior design that complements your lifestyle. Ideally we would be involved in the very beginning to help with the interior space planning, kitchen and bathrooms design and most importantly, how the whole layout flows and connects from one room to the other. We can work together to select a variety of finished goods to compliment that design such as tiles, countertops, fixtures and cabinetry. We can also custom design furniture to fit exactly in your floorplan. Investing time and money with finishes can help complete the holistic vision of your space and elevates the overall aesthetic.

We LOVE helping clients with home decor by selecting furniture, wallpaper, accessories, and window treatments that fit their space and compliments their lifestyle. We can procure desired furniture and even warehouse it during the construction process.

On a very limited basis we also offer interior design consulting packages beginning with a minimum of ten hours. Please ask about availability.

We can work together to select a variety of finished goods to compliment that design such as tiles, countertops, fixtures and cabinetry.

Our Interior Design Services in the San Francisco Bay Area include but are not limited to:

  • Entire home renovation / home remodel
  • Kitchen design, remodeling & interior design
  • Bathroom design, remodeling & interior design
  • Living room interior design
  • Room remodeling
  • Construction interior design
  • Finishes selection and specifications
  • Professional home decorating
  • Furniture selection & design
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