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Bynn Esmond Designs: San Francisco bay area full service interior design

Our interior design services offer a turnkey solution to spaces that enhance your lifestyle. We take on a holistic approach to our design which ensures a cohesive flow and well thought out design. This involves establishing an overall functional and aesthetic direction, thinking through the sight lines, circulation and layout of each space, all the while layering with the various elements that give life to the space. With a focus on quality and sustainability, we’re making every moment matter in your day to day life. Our designs are classic and timeless, clean and simple, with a touch of modern for a warm, welcoming home.

Our deep knowledge of construction allow us to partner with and lead our clients throughout each construction stage while working closely with all team members to ensure accuracy and quality in execution so that design details can be factored into the entire project. To ensure the design vision is seen through to the every end of the project completion, we know our involvement in every phase is key. We are involved in every aspect of the process and manage the details so you don’t have to. After all, you shouldn’t have to give up your life while creating the home that reflects your desires.

Let’s get to know each other.

There will be a considerable amount of time spent together during the entire design • build • furnish to completion process. Friendly and easy to talk to, we make it our mission to learn about everyone we partner with. Right from the beginning, your hobbies, interests, styles, and entertainment needs will be kept top of mind while creating the space that complements your daily lifestyle.

your skilled guide along the design and construction journey.

We take the time to explore tastes and desires. In conjunction to planning the space, we’re gathering samples and materials to create a personalized and cohesive look for your home, a variety of mediums, colors, and textures are also used.

We have considerable experience in assisting clients envision their home to its highest potential. We often offer insight into details they would have otherwise overlooked. It is our job to investigate, observe, and infer the small details to transform your space into one that elevates your lifestyle. We believe good design impacts the way you feel. We want you to feel at peace when you walk through your front door.

meet the team


Bynn Esmond Headshot

Bynn Esmond

Founder and Principal Designer, NKBA, ASID

Being both creative and technical, Bynn is involved in every aspect of the project, from overall creative design visions and drawing plans, to managing contracts and overseeing the execution of those concepts.

Bynn’s passion for artistic expression is innate to her persona. It is a byproduct of her parents’ connection to the arts. Through their work in beauty salons and restaurants, this demonstrated for Bynn what hard work and creativity can look like. During her college career, she was able to discover and develop an engineering mindset through repeatedly coming up with design concepts and then reverse engineering them to discover how they could be executed. Post college, she pursued an interest in high-technology related endeavors working for Silicon Valley firms managing the details of technical integrations. This further reinforced her desire to both create amazing designs as well as understand the technical details of how amazing art is created. She quickly learned that communication, deadlines and budget are key factors to a successful project.

After a brief hiatus from corporate America to raise her two children, Bynn returned back to work pursuing her true passion — interior design. She spent five years as a designer and project manager for a high-end luxury interior design company serving high-profile clients.

This skillset paired with her technical roots has carried over to how Bynn approaches the design of beautiful homes and spaces, and further communicate those ideas with various members of her team, including builders, cabinet and furniture makers, and installers. Bynn Esmond Designs LLC was proudly launched as one of the few design • build • furnish firms in the Bay Area to bring unity to the creative and technical design process. When Bynn is not creating beautiful homes, you’ll find her in her kitchen whipping up gourmet meals from scratch, or creating beautiful rooms while giving back to the community through Rooms of Hope.

Courtney Ellison

Design Assistant
Driven by a passion for improving personal environments to enhance lives, Courtney takes pride in providing the best personalized digital models possible. She strives to continuously learn and improve to assist in enhanced living. Design has been a part of her since she was young. “I love to create spaces that fill hearts, inspire, encourage and enable people to be who they really want to be.” When Courtney is not creating beautiful design renderings, she can be found outdoors tending to her garden or creating beautiful paintings on canvases.

Mandie Chau

Operations Assistant
A pro at managing a tight ship, Mandie helps Bynn to make sure our firm is well organized and running as efficiently as possible on the operations side. As a highly detailed and organized person who thrives on processes and communication, she consistently shows up with a can-do positive attitude; ready to tackle the day. Having spent time renovating her own Airbnbs and home, Mandie is passionate about design and beautiful, functional spaces. In her free time, Mandie is often off hiking with her two dogs, practicing yoga, caring for her one too many houseplants, or restoring her classic camper van.

Bringing a personal touch to design.

One of the bedrock principles of Bynn Esmond Designs is to not impose our personal preferences. Rather, we strive to assist you in discovering your own unique design styles and proclivities. Are you ready to get started?


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