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Home renovation and interior design in Palomar Park, CA.

Services provided include custom kitchen, bathroom and fireplace design and remodel, construction documents, interior design and furniture, lighting design, full service design-build-furnish, renovation management and design oversight.

Project Size:

Palomar Park, CA  
1800 SF  
Whole level  

2 Living Room Etagere

Our Palomar Park homeowners are busy professionals who travel for a living. They are aficionados of art, design, food and fashion. They are collectors of unique art pieces that they have obtained throughout  years of travels. The architecture of the house is modern with cantilevered rooms and a combination of high and low ceilings. (Think Frank Gehry meets Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. )

During the initial design stage, they shared that they were tired of the yellow, red and orange colors that were prevalent throughout the home. The furniture was a mix of styles and left over pieces from before they were married. 

The kitchen was outdated and was in it’s original state. The honey oak cabinets were worn out and offered minimal storage. They wanted a full kitchen gut job remodel down to the studs. They wanted to update the main level of the house to include the fireplace. They wanted to increase their storage solutions. And they wanted to make non-structural changes that would allow them to take better advantage of their amazing 360 degree views. Having cantilevered rooms and contrasting ceiling heights made it challenging to open up the spaces to improve the view without requiring structural engineering and increased expenses.


As with all our projects, we conduct a site survey for field measurements and photos.

Palomar Park Existing Entrance

The entrance, with varying ceiling heights in adjacent spaces, makes this entrance feel like a tunnel.

Palmoar Park Existing Kitchen

The kitchen with honey oak cabinets and minimal storage was showing it’s age.

Palomar Park Existing Dining Room

Unused dining room patio slider meant we could switch it out to a window to fit a buffet underneath.

Palomar Park Existing Fireplace

The fireplace, a centerpiece of the room, does not match the architecture of the house.


We began with a design discovery meeting and functional analysis of the existing rooms to determine how the spaces could be better utilized for the homeowner’s unique lifestyle. We then began space planning efforts to determine how rooms and zones could be best utilized. And once the home owners selected their desired layout, we drew up the construction documents to obtain a permit, and for the contractor to build with. While waiting for the permit, we began working on the overall aesthetics – creating the mood necessary to inform the material and finished goods selections. All during the construction phase, we provided renovation design oversight to ensure design elements were carried through the construction process. Field adjustments and changes are often unavoidable during construction. Being actively engaged during this stage ensures that the design aesthetics are preserved. 

planning and design

In the kitchen, we increased the storage by 75% through a variety of means. First, we went with custom cabinetry that could fully leverage the available wall space. We utilized “magic corner” cabinets that allow homeowners to easily access the hard-to-reach spaces in corner cabinets.  Lastly, we shrunk a non-essential window to allow for a bigger cabinet to be used. This also had the effect of shifting the view away from the deck and perfectly framing the architectural branch of the oak tree outside. In the hallway, we converted an unused niche into a walk-in closet allowing for more storage opportunities. In the dining room, we made a redundant patio slider into a window that would continue to have views outside but allowed for a dining buffet to be added for additional storage. We converted a redundant passage between the living and dining rooms into an Etagere to add interest without blocking light. We incorporated an original mid-century modern curved sofa into the design by re-upholstering it a beautiful blue mohair fabric that is also “pet-friendly”. 

Throughout the home, we decided to incorporate various pieces of art from the homeowner’s personal collection. We also took advantage of the existing architectural lines with the varying height differences of the ceiling, especially the zigzag shape of the dropped ceiling from the front door that leads to the dining room. This helps to visually guide visitors from the front door through to the the dining room.

Palomar Park Kitchen Layout
Custom Cabinets

Construction Documents provide an essential road map for the builder. Our drawings are detailed which makes the construction easier for everyone.

Palomar Park Concept Design

Conceptual Design: with the layout of the spaces, we start on the pretty stuff. We worked with the homeowners on the design aesthetics of the home to provide for an overall look and feel they were wanting.


During construction, as with all of our projects, we worked closely with the builder and trade people to ensure that every phase of the build had design oversight. As with most projects, field decisions are required to address the unavoidable discoveries made during construction. We worked hand in hand with the contractor providing design oversight to ensure the design aesthetics were achieved. 

Palomar Park During Kitchen

Providing proper support for countertops is a safety measure we verify during construction. It needs to bear the weight of the stone as well as someone climbing or sitting on it.

Palomar Park During Install

We’re there to make sure light fixtures are mounted at the proportional and correct height. With a 20 feet ceiling it can be tricky finding the right length.


Our full service design allowed for bespoke detailing throughout the home. With the homeowners being art collectors we chose to go with a neutral white for the walls that along with the lighting design provided a gallery style backdrop featuring selected art pieces. Given the homeowners’ love of unique art, we transformed a poorly placed fireplace into a one-of-a-kind 20 ft. tall art installation that became the centerpiece of the home. After coming up with the concept, Bynn worked with a team of local metal-smiths and patina artists to create the art piece. 

The direction of the ceiling slats in conjunction with the ceiling’s zigzag movement allowed us to use a deep indigo-black cork wallpaper in the dining room where the slats end, and visitors are then presented with large open windows to outside views of the canyons. 

Living Room Entrance

AFTER: A custom art fireplace surround pulls colors from an upcycled, reupholstered original 1950’s curved sofa.

1 Dramatic Dining Room

AFTER: An elegant and dramatic dining room perfect for hosting dinners around a large table.

Modern Kitchen Lift Up Cabinets

AFTER: Function and beauty redefined. Lilac marble counters and backsplash that has been sealed against stain. The faucet with an articulating arm to reach far sides of the wide sink.

3 Powder Room

AFTER: This tiny powder room packs a big punch. The oversized flower wallpaper makes the tiny room look much bigger than it is. Not to mention it makes for a huge statement piece.

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