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Are you ready to create the home you dream of? We partner with like-minded clients who are willing to invest the time, energy, and resources to create the space that enhances their lifestyle. We are involved in every aspect of the process and manage the details so you don’t have to. After all, you shouldn’t have to give up your life while creating the home that reflects your desires.

Bringing a personal touch to design.

One of the bedrock principles of Bynn Esmond Designs is to not impose our personal preferences. Rather, we strive to assist you in discovering your own unique design styles and proclivities. This defining principle came at the conclusion of a previous project that Bynn worked on as an interior design consultant for a high-end luxury firm. Although the client was thrilled with the beautiful outcome, she stated it no longer felt like her “home”. This experience drove Bynn to do things differently with her own company.

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Bynn Esmond Designs was proudly launched as one of the few design • build • furnish firms in the Bay Area. Based in San Carlos, California, we serve distinguished professionals throughout Silicon Valley, New York, and are expanding nationally.

Let’s get to know each other.

The entire design • build • furnish to completion process can easily take over a year, so there will be a considerable amount of time spent together. Friendly and easy to talk to, Bynn makes it her mission to learn about everyone she partners with. Right from the beginning, your hobbies, interests, styles, and entertainment needs will be kept top of mind while creating the space that complements your daily lifestyle.
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Your skilled guide along the design journey.

We take the time to explore tastes and desires. In conjunction to gathering samples and materials to create a personalized and cohesive look for your home, a variety of mediums, colors, and textures are also used.

Design doesn’t just concern aesthetics, but also how your home can enhance your lifestyle. We have considerable experience in assisting clients envision their home to its highest potential. We often offer insight into details they would have otherwise overlooked. For instance, this may result in tearing a wall down during a kitchen remodel to increase livability. It is our job to investigate, observe, and infer the small details to transform your space into one that contributes a feeling of balance and peace. This will help you form a psychological connection to your home and promote an overall sense of well-being.

Design aficionado
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Being both creative and technical, Bynn is involved in every aspect of the project, from design visions and drawing plans, to managing contracts and overseeing the execution of those concepts. As an organized designer, Bynn is able to conceptualize beautiful homes and spaces. With her project management skills, she is able to further communicate those ideas with various members of her team, including builders, cabinet and furniture makers, and installers.

Once the design direction has been established, Bynn Esmond Designs can also serve as your architectural designer. We create construction plan sets that include interior elevations and finishes, and if loading-bearing walls are involved, those plans will be passed through a structural engineer. During the construction process, we will be onsite regularly, serving as a compass to support the project and stay on track. This might mean brainstorming with the contractor to come up with creative solutions, ensuring the lighting is placed as precisely as it was in the plans for a dramatically lit dining room. More importantly, Bynn Esmond Designs will be there every step of the way, from start to finish, assuring the vision becomes a reality.


It’s best to bring your interior designer, architect, and builder in together at the start of your project.  Then there can be some give and take in the vision stage which makes it easier to to stay within budget. This helps avoid revisions during the construction document phase or even worse, the construction phase where it can be expensive to make changes to the plan. We like to be involved as early as possible so we can take a look at architectural plans before they are finalized and make sure every detail is accounted for.

Bringing on a designer early enough in a project to do most of  the planning makes the entire construction process run smoother. With a project like a kitchen remodel, we can create the designs that emphasize ergonomics, aesthetics and flow down to the details of the finishes.  A designer can help save months of construction time and can lower the entire cost of the renovation project.

When we create your construction documents, it’s easier to compare contractor bids because floorplans finishings are already specified in our construction documents. A contractor who bids on these documents may incorporate contractor-grade finishings in their bid and give you a low-ball number. Then once you approach an interior designer, you may wonder why the budget is higher than expected with the higher quality finishes and furnishings that an interior designer will specify.

Many people might use ‘interior designer’ and ‘interior decorator’ as interchangeable terms, but there is a difference. Interior designers design an interior space to increase its functionality and to make it more habitable. They study human psychology, and observe and question their clients in order to understand how they live, in order to better design a space. Interior designers receive formal qualifications in these subjects, often studying for two-year or four-year degrees. They work closely with architects, creating designs within a building’s internal area. After designing a space, an interior designer may also decorate it.

Interior decorators deal with the aesthetics of an existing space. They use color, texture, furniture, and accessories to make a space more pleasing to the eye.

In short, an interior designer designs and may also decorate a space. An interior decorator only decorates it.

There are various ways in which interior designers charge for their work.

  • Flat fee – A designer and customer establish the scope of a project and the interior designer charges a flat fee. Good communication is necessary, to ensure a proper scope of work is established.
  • Hourly – Sometimes an interior designer will sell consulting services as an hourly package. It really depends on the unique circumstances of your project.
  • Markup – Interior designers often have access to industry trade pricing which allows them to purchase and resell goods at a price more favorable than retail.

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